Liquid Bodywork® – signature treatment at Liquid Sound® Spas worldwide

Everything flows.
Our blue planet is covered about 70% by oceans, the human body exists about 70% of water. Water is life elexier and myth – fascinating, powerful and our all origin. Water has a natural ability in its selfregeneration and contributes in special ways to our healing. All cultures have their rituals in and around the water. Liquid Bodywork® is an invitation into this element and encourages to take the fluent qualities in varied ways to take on land – and to bring a little bit more of the lightness of being into our lifes.
Liquid Bodywork®
is an as systematic like intuitive water work, which has set up in the therapeutic frame and in the spa and wellness area successfully. To explore touch, music and light in the special atmosphere of a Liquid Sound® pool is an intensive experience.


There is a growing number of therapists in the United States, who came in touch with this unique work and started their training to become Liquid Bodywork® practitioners. Please contact us for more information.


Liquid Bodywork®
developed by Musia Heike Bus,
Director of the Institute for Aqua Wellness.