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Aqua Wellness Practitioner – Basic
Aqua Wellness Bodyworker – Advanced
Liquid Bodywork® Coach

What is Aqua Wellness?
Aqua Wellness is a collective term for one of the most enjoyable forms of relaxing, of freeing oneself from burden and undertaking an extraordinary journey that leads to one’s origins. The journey and accompanying guidance are at once systematic as well as intuitive.
Aqua Wellness combines elements of massage, meditation and bodywork in such a way that one can experience the freedom of movement made possible by water to the full. To be carried in warm water, to be guided almost weightlessly brings about a beneficial shift in one’s awareness of one’s body and one’s self. Every session is as unique as the person receiving it and directed to the needs of the person in the medium of water at that moment in time.

A well-grounded training in Aqua Wellness ensures that sessions are of the highest level possible. Only those who themselves have undertaken their own journey in the water are able to accompany their clients openly, confidently and competently.
We have condensed our many years of experience into training Modules which cover the practical and theoretical as well as intuitive and spiritual aspects that characterise bodywork in water.

Aqua Wellness training is aimed at people who in their search for healing, balance and transformation wish to grow in a very special way and who wish to help other people to discover their potential. Training focuses on the element of water and the deep experiences it makes possible which are experienced variously as effortless, inspiring and exhilarating and at the same time precious, honest and powerful.
The promise water holds is open to all who are willing to engage with it. Everyone can benefit from the water to help them master their everyday life on land with confidence, ease and composure.
The training Modules are suitable for all those who
- wish to obtain a profound training and qualification in “new water-bound therapies”
- wish to develop and deepen their feeling for and consciousness of their bodies
- want to learn how to fully surrender themselves and place trust in others
- seek to heal old wounds
- are searching for clarity in their lives
- wish to deepen their sense of peace inwardly and outwardly
- want more vitality in their relationships with partners and family
- are searching for a fulfilling purpose alongside their work or everyday life
- wish to help others to reach such aims
- would like to be part of a friendly network of people connected with water and healing in the wider sense.

For people in therapeutic or social professions as well as those who already have experience in the wellness or cosmetic branches, these new aspects and techniques have the potential to enrich their work with people at a deeper level. For people without any prior training in these fields, the training programme offers an opportunity to gain new perspectives and acquire new practical skills.
Against this general background, interested persons can choose between the following certified training paths:

Aqua Wellness Practitioner – Basic

An Aqua Wellness Practitioner accompanies people in warm water who wish to take time out from their everyday lives and enjoy an extraordinary relaxation experience. The work of an Aqua Wellness Practitioner is well suited to those entering the wellness branch and, due to its effect on the physical and mental well-being of the client, has the potential to be much more powerful than a conventional wellness treatment. In a comparatively short space of time and at reasonable cost, this training programme allows Basic-Practitioners to acquire the fundamental skills necessary to give Aqua Wellness sessions in suitable warm water pools.
Training Modules to become an Aqua Wellness Practitioner – Basic: 11 group training days, 3 separate Modules plus 10 self-led practice sessions, 3 received teaching sessions, trainer session, 3 hours of individual coaching. Module 1: 3 days; Module 2: 7 days and Module 6: 1 day.

Aqua Wellness Bodyworker – Advanced
In the advanced training programme, an Aqua Wellness Bodyworker learns ways of employing gentle, pleasant relaxation as a means of supporting deep healing and self-awareness processes. This enables an Aqua Wellness Bodyworker to accompany his or her client on a journey that can lead to the lasting dissipation of physical and emotional tension. As such processes can involve oceanic-transpersonal experiences, the quality of caring attention in combination with the element of water is absolutely essential. To offer Aqua Wellness professionally it is important to have access to a warm water pool with a sheltered atmosphere.
Training Modules to become an Aqua Wellness Bodyworker – Advanced: 28 group training days, 6 separate Modules plus 30 self-led practice sessions, 5 received teaching sessions, a trainer session and 3 hours individual coaching. Module 1: 3 days; Module 2, 3, 4: 7 days each; Module 6: 1 day; Module 7: 3 days.

Liquid Bodywork® Coach
Training to become a Liquid Bodywork® Coach consists of the comprehensive integration of bodywork and broader sensory experiences in water at a practical as well as symbolic level. The methods a Liquid Bodywork® Coach employs includes the harmonious integration of light and sound in specially equipped pools (Aqua Wellness in Liquid Sound®). The spectrum encompasses archaic and modern healing rituals, work with “Dream Yoga”, excursions as well as the orchestration of water-bound experiences with artistic and cosmic aspects. A Liquid-Bodywork® Coach will develop a high level of creativity and intensity in the work with individuals as well as groups of people in the water.
Training Modules to become a Liquid Bodywork® Coach: 42 group training days, 10 separate Modules plus 50 self-led practice sessions, 10 received teaching sessions, a trainer session and 6 hours individual coaching. Module 1: 3 days; Module 2, 3, 4: 7 days each; Module 6: 1 day; Module 7, 8: 3 days each; Modules 9, 10: 4 days each.