Musia PorträtMusia Heike Bus heads the „Institute for AQUA-WELLNESS“ in Bad Sulza, Germany, organizing and leading workshops, trainings and individual sessions. She is editor of the journal „Waterview“ and has been involved with Aqua-Wellness bodywork from the beginning. She pioneers the combination of Aqua Wellness and Liquid Sound® in Bad Sulza at the world’s most famous multimedia pool and founder of Liquid Bodywork®. She is also trained in Hawaiian Bodywork, wholistic massage, Trance Dance, Dream Yoga and Dream Work .

Musia Heike  Bus weaves years of experience with bodywork and emotional work with people – in water and on land – with the praxis of projectmanagement, human resources management as well as building up and management of a hotel and spa over the last six years and offers leadership training – team building – life balance consulting. Listen respectfully and mindfully, authentic speaking from the heart, not more than necessary. Sitting together in council opens new ways of developing teams, communities, business organisations, relationships.