Liquid Bodywork / Aqua Wellness

Beauty & Health through Bodywork in warm water

Liquid BodyworkLiquid Bodywork® / Aqua Wellness is a journey back to your origins, into the endless, blue depth of the inner ocean. You dive into the wonderous world of memories, being an embryo in the protective womb of your mother, which you experienced as a weightless and timeless space. Liquid Bodywork® /Aqua Wellness brings you right back into that very space, where you were gently sourrounded by warm soft water.


Liquid Bodywork® /Aqua Wellness is a form of bodywork, taking place in a warm water pool. It combines elements of soft stretching movements, massage and joint release as well as energy- and breathwork in a unique way. Specially designed movements allow your whole spine to swing and your energy to flow. The radius of of your joint movements will become wider and your whole body can be moved in a new way because of its weightlessness in the water. You can perceive the feeling of your body with a hightened awareness. Liquid Bodywork® /Aqua Wellness invites you to get to know the healing energies of the water in a totally new way. Chronic physical pain as well as emotional tensions can be released.
A session starts with a phase of relaxation and massage on the water surface. Your bodyworker will carry, stretch, massage, rock, sway and swing you in a soft and effortless way. When you are deeply relaxed and open to it the underwater-phase begins. You‘ll receive a soft noseclip which protects your nose from water entering while your are being gently submerged. Now a gentle dance of your body starts under water. Harmonious playful movements develop between the "giving" and the "receiving" person.

Liquid BodyworkLiquid Bodywork® /Aqua Wellness nourishes the soul and allows you to be able to trust again on a very deep level. In this space of absolute rest and silence your thoughts come to a stop. Meditation can happen in a very easy and natural way. Aqua Wellness is one of the most sensitive and gentle methods of bodywork that can guide you through states of absolutly peace, joy and deep relaxation.You will open up to an immense inner space, where you can just be yourself and your senses and your body start to relax and open up – your natural energies will flow again, in and with the water. You feel softer, more sensitive and your inner beauty shines.