Dream Yoga

Seminar and Training

Education/Introduction: To use Dream Yoga for own self-awareness and the extension of the therapeutic possibilities: Can be booked as single Workshop which is given in combination with bodywork in water under the direction of Musia Heike Bus.
Dream yoga: The way of the dreams leads for recognising of own internal wisdom. Did you know that your dreams influence your health whether do you remember them or not? DreamYoga is an amusing and amazing kind to cure old and new wounds, to find balance and to go own, authentic life. By questioning the characters in own dreams one can learn to use his sleeping time to reduce stress, to improve his relations and to attain bigger internal peace. Learn to listen, yourself and others deeply. Inside yourself there is something which is healthy and whole and a unique way to get there. 10. - 12. July 2009

The Dream Yoga Training takes place in Germany with Dr. Joseph Dillard, organised by Hotel an der Therme , Bad Sulza.

Did you know that your soul knows why you are stuck and what you need to do to get unstuck? You have within you both a pattern of wholeness and a unique path that will take you there. Learn how to listen to that path by interviewing characters in your dreams! Identify your core life issues and get to know key aspects of the healer within you. Deep Listening heals, balances, and transforms your life.

This life-changing program leads to certification as a Deep Listening Practitioner, which demonstrates an ongoing ability to bring body, mind, and spirit into balance and an ability to help others to do the same.

Who should take this progam?
• those who seek clearer direction in their life;
• those who seek healing of childhood wounds;
• those seeking greater inner peace;
• those seeking to find the right life partner;
• those seeking inner help for physical healing;
• those wanting to find meaning for the suffering and pain in their lives;
• those seeking to improve relationships with spouse and family;
• those seeking a powerful way of helping others to do the same.

- Each module is a four-day (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM) workshop with one evening (7:00 – 9:00).
- We will be covering a huge amount of condensed material in only four days in each of four modules, including Power Point presentations, in-class demonstrations, lectures, text review, and diad interviewing practice.
- Requirements for certification are completion of the four modules in any order,
successful tested comprehension of the accompanying textual material (open book test), twenty interviews, and completion of weekly Sangha logs.
- Students, Certified Practitioners, and teachers are allowed to re-take any completed module at no additional charge.