Hawaiian Massage/Hawaiian Bodywork

Hawaiian BodyworkAloha Hawaiian Bodywork

The hawaiian massage tradition of Kahuna - the hawaiian shamans – is at once tender and wild, magical and overflowing, fresh and full of colour – the spirit of Hawaii. Drawing upon a shamanistic initiation ritual, the session combines bodywork, breathing and dancing in a unique and extraordinary massage to enliven the spirit. The whole-body massage with warm almond-oil combines long, flowing strokes with deep tissue massage, gentle joint-loosening and dynamic energy work. Give your body and soul a break from the everyday and enjoy the touch with all your senses. An extraordinary experience – Aloha!







Whole-body massage, 2-handed, 90 minutes, 95 Euro
Whole-body massage, 4-handed, 90 minutes, synchronous massage by 2 bodyworkers,150 Euro
Aloha back massage
Hawaiian-style localised massage for back, shoulders and neck. Blissful relief. 50 min. 59 Euro
Aloha face massage
Gentle face, head and neck massage with gentle aromatic oils inspired by Hawaiian massage. 50 min. 59 Euro

The sessions are availible in the Hotel an der Therme Bad Sulza.